An Introduction to International Economics is one of the rare economics textbooks that students actually enjoy reading. Kenneth Reinert covers an enormous range of material on international economics succinctly and in a language that students can understand. It is the perfect book for a one-semester course on international trade and finance, which also offers chapters on multinational enterprises and economic development for professors who wish to emphasize those topics.” – Robert Blecker, Professor of Economics, American University.

“This is a lively book, written with great clarity. It does not overwhelm the students and yet manages to teach them basic theory, and its application to policy problems, with great effectiveness.” – Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University.

“Students loved this text because of its breadth of content, depth of analysis, and overall accessibility. I would not hesitate to use this book again, particularly in an interdisciplinary environment.” – Jonathan Wight, Professor of Economics, University of Richmond.

“An excellent textbook in International Economics. It provides comprehensive coverage of all the important topics within the subject.” – Robert Breunig, Australian National University.

“This textbook stands out from other introductions in international economics. First, it presents with unusual breadth and depth an accessible introduction in the theories and policies of international economics. Second, it integrates the domains of international trade, international investment and finance with a clear focus on the implications for human welfare and development. This makes the book highly relevant for anyone interested in the theory and practice of international economic policy and development.” – Ernst Verwaal, Leuven University, Belgium.

“I very much appreciate having a concise and practical textbook for my class.” – Prof. Do-hyung Hann, Kyungpook National University.

An Introduction to International Economics an outstanding textbook. It is quite easy to follow and, more importantly, very appropriate for international studies students.” – Prof. Le Canh Duong, Denang University.

“I highly value An Introduction to International Economics for crystal-clear elucidation of concepts, being to the point and, at the same time, allowing space for inclusion of other ideas.” – Prof. Damian Pyrkosz, University of Rzeszów.

“Finding your book has given me new hope for being able to tell my students that at last there is a textbook that deals with the essentials of international economics in a manageable fashion.” – Prof. Ali Fatemi, American Graduate School of Business and Economics, Paris.

“To understand the causes and effects of global integration processes, this volume is particularly useful.” – Gianfranco Viesti, University of Bari Aldo Moro.

“Your textbook seems perfect for teaching international economics to business students whose economic knowledge is restricted to just one introductory course in economics.” – Oliver Fritz, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.

“I have read this book and repeatedly used it as the core reading in my course on International Economics at Georgetown University. As in all of my courses, I always ask my students to rank the books I have assigned with future students in mind. This volume has unanimously received excellent reviews which is as good as it gets.” – Marion Bestani, Georgetown University

“I would like to thank you for producing such an easy to understand international economics book with profound practical use for future policy leaders and analysts.” – Student.

“A great introduction to trade and finance, detailed but with simple explanations. Really interesting and engaging.” – Student.

“I found the text to be very user friendly. The charts, graphs and equations are especially well explained and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by them.” –Student.

“Thank you for writing An Introduction to International Economics. It has been truly useful, both as a textbook and as a source for references on the papers I write.” – Student.

“I would like to thank you for writing a great book! I am a materials scientist rather than an economist, but I loved reading your book.” – Student.

“I just wanted to thank you for writing An Introduction to International Economics, as the book is always clear and concise. You managed to make some non-evident theories understandable, and to shed light on their shortcomings, while making readers understand their heuristic value.” – Student.