Chapter Updates

Chapter 1 Introduction Update. Completely updated chapter.

Chapter 4 Intra-Industry Trade Update. New model of trade under monopolistic competition.

Chapter 5 Political Economy of Trade Update. Minor update to introduction.

Chapter 6. Trade Policy Analysis Update. Correction to imperfect substitutes model appendix.

Chapter 8 Preferential Trade Agreements Update. Update to Tables 8.1 and 8.3.

Chapter 9 Foreign Market Entry and International Production Update. Short update on dissemination risk and updates to Tables 9.3 and 9.4.

Chapter 12 Migration Update. Update to Figure 12.4 on remittances.

Chapter 13 Accounting Frameworks Update. Update of Figures 13.3 and 13.4, balance of payments for United States and China.

Chapter 14 Typo: Page 230. “If Japan is our home country, we might be interested in the yen/euro nominal exchange rate. But if the euro zone our home country, we would instead consider the euro/yen nominal exchange rate.”

Chapter 14 Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parity Update. Updates to Figure 14.1, Nominal Exchange Rates, February 17, 2016 and Figure 14.2, Yen/US$ nominal exchange rate.

Chapter 14: Updated Big Mac Index.

Chapter 16: Updated Exchange Rate Arrangements.

Chapter 17 The International Monetary Fund Update. Short update on total IMF resources.

Chapter 19 Monetary Unions Update. Update to Table 19.1, Table 19.3, Figure 19.3, Figure 19.4 and the EMU crisis.

Chapter 20 Typo: Page 356. “For example, GDP does not include farmer’s production of agricultural products….”

Chapter 20 Development Concepts Update. Update to Table 20.1, Figure 20.1 and the HDI.

Chapter 21 Growth and Development Update. Update to Table 21.1 and Figure 21.4.

Chapter 23 Typos: James Wolfensohn is mistakenly referred to as Paul Wolfensohn twice on p. 426.

Chapter 24 Structural Change and Adjustment Update. Update to Figure 24.1.